Why a CHILD issue? - When the Children smile the nation shine, for a stronger nation we need to teach the children, childhood is the time to learn- a time to grow; we know all these things. Still the children are seen being exploited physically, mentally; they are seen washing plates-table in hotels, they are seen collecting polythene-iron pieces from the untidy garbage yards; they are also seen working in hazardous conditions. Whenever there is a necessity of pulling a crowd in a meeting- a rally- election procession or want cheap labors we search for children. It is a pity that they are not spared off human trafficking and flesh trades. Child prostitution in India has a greater demand for foreign tourists. They are sent to nearby states as cheap labor but return home sick, disabled and sometimes dead too. Despite of compulsory education and other numerous schemes a large share of children is deprived of education. How can we expect a stronger and developed nation with these miserable situations of children? A state, which cannot provide its children rights- to live, to grow, to nourishment, to learn is not a welfare state; nor its citizens cultured-civilized. Of course it is a good sign that concern for the children in the international level is rising. Hence it is right time for us to think about their welfare and their rights. Neglected childhood is not an isolated issue; it is a socio- economic problem.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012


FROM MR SANTAKAR- senior journalist koraput

I had the opportunity to chair a session in Consultation on State Financing for Children being organised at CYSD in Bhubaneswar on 1st June-2012 . Among others representatives from Unicef, Plan , CYSD , OACRC , CCS, Aide-at Action in addition to Panchanan Kanungo , former Finance minister addressed the gathering . Here are the highlights of the observations made by the speakers based on the prese...ntations :

Highlights of Status of Children and Budget for Children in Odisha
. Children don’t have voices in most of our discussions.
• Increase in the Budget and also the absorption of the allotted budget at grassroots is important .
• Gaps in Budget for children and accountability need to be filled .
• India is a child & youth rich country .
• Child Budget cant be seen in isolation .
• More than finance Attitude was required for the development of children.
• Knowledge + Advocacy could facilitate children to enjoy their rights .
• 39% of India’s Population are children.
• Budget for children need to be mentioned specifically to the department so as to benefit the children .
• Vision 2020 : Till date most of the target is far from achievement .
• There are 43.3 Lakh children in Rural Odisha while 7 Lakhs in Urban Odisha
• Odisha is a state with one of the lowest learning level in children(7th lowest on National Average).
• Odisha is a state of High Drop outs in Elementary education ( 14th highest)
• IMR & MMR – Matter of serious concern in Odisha
• Immunization coverage- 59.5 % only
• Odisha is the tenth worst performing state on various nutrition indicators
• Only 57% children have registered at Birth
• 11.1% of total children are engaged in work
• State provides only 2.2% of its budget for children
• Budget is also suffering from Under spending , Uneven spending , Irrational Prioritisation of issues Out of the total budget for children 87% is spent on providing MDM alone
• There is no budget for Libraries in Schools

2nd part

In the Consultation on State Financing for children held at Bhubaneswar on 1st June-2012 , we had the opportunity to listen Umi Daniel , a proud son of Koraput presently with Aide-at-Action , Bhubaneswar . He gave a presentation of the status of migrating children in the state . According to his observations , out of the children in the state , 37% are migrating children .4.5% children migrate alone , 71% children are in the age group of 5-14 years , Only 9% children get education at destination . He further said that the migrating children too have all the rights that other children in the state . It was a nice listening to him . Great .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Child labors are economic and easily available for work. The political parties too find children very easy to collect and increase the crowd. Everywhere we find children and their time misused. May it be a meeting, a rally we use them, rather say exploit them. What is the use of keeping the children wait in any elder people's meeting for hours for the sake of some prizes. What is the point in queing them in a rally for various issues, even for elderly issues. Most of the time they are used to hold the flags or do small volunter works. what a pity to see them waiting in hor sun or rain for the minster or political leaders ? We should give respect to the children and their time. The precious time of children should be used in a productive way.
We had raised this issue in last election too. The order of the court is a positive sign towards that. May we enforce the law and stop abbusing children.
The above news clip is from the editorial page of Indian Express 20th Sept '11

AHSASH on child labor

Thursday, August 11, 2011


What happened to child rights? Is the world so insensible to child issues?
It is really shocking to know that children are groomed to put on vests packed with explosives and assured that they would escape unscratched after the explosion...........
"Human beings are guests in this world for just a few days and they must do something for their religion and next life" is taught to them who have not understood what life is.....


Additional district Judge Sri Girish Kumar Mishra says- Because of lack of education 2,50,000 children are working in dangerous conditions and 50,000 girls are missing. Child Right of those children is abused. Compulsory education will save the children and will stop the child labor issue he mentioned.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dog overshadows a child labor

everybody should watch this
http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=208359942514421 or

but-   In real life we see these short of things around us but never notice it. Only when it is on screen we become sensitive and throw some comments. what after then?
any suggestions

really we do comment on the issues; but do nothing to solve it. may we come together and do something positive. MAY WE BE A CNDLE TO ENLIGHTEN